No replacement for displacement..?


The Issue at hand

It is a common saying around the car world, “No replacement for displacement”. This saying is very simple in meaning, the bigger the engine the more fun it is. I think this is not true. Don’t get me wrong there is something magical about the way  a big block sounds and feels to drive. However, I think there is a way to get that kind of enjoyment out of even a small 4 cylinder engine.

The Subjects

Lets take for example the Ford coyote engine. This motor weighs in around 500 and puts out about 435 HP. This is a fantastic motor and it can make a lot of power if built correctly. With a few bolt ons this motor can make near 500 HP however, it is heavy with the engine alone being 500 pounds.

Now for our small choice a Honda k24 engine. These weigh somewhere around 300 with all the accessories and put out around 200 HP. You may be saying to yourself I would definitely go with the 5.0. Well wait just a minute….

The outcome

Let say we take that 2.4 liter Honda motor and add a turbo to it. all of the sudden we can have a motor that weighs 350 pounds (turbo parts weight added) and depending on how well the motor was built 800-1000 HP. For this test however lets say its a stock k24z7. This motors will make around 420-430 HP to the wheels on stock internals. Taking the 15% rule for drivetrain loss that means it makes around 500 HP.

So for 150 pounds less I can have a motor that makes 500 HP. Ok so what does this mean you ask? Well it means that I have found the replacement for displacement. Well actually I cant claim this find. However, people have been using turbos to do wonderful things for years and I think its time we stop measuring people by the size of their engine but by how big their turbo is thats strapped to that engine.





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